Nanobiosensors for diagnostics

Invited lecture at Universidad de Alicante, Departamento de Quimica Fisica, Instituto Universitario de Materiales

Alicante, Spain. 21 February 2017

Promoting the establishment of Centres of Excellence in Albania and the impacts on promoting Albanian young scientists

Invited panel discussion, Workshop: Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer in Albania

Tirana, Albania. 16-17 February 2017

Nanobiosensors for diagnostics: from plastic to simple paper-based platforms

Invited Lecture at Department of Information Engineering, Universita degli Studi di Padova

Padova, Italy. January 19th, 2017

Paper-based nanobiosensors in diagnostics: from health, safety and security to environment monitoring

NanoBiomed Conference

Barcelona, Spain. 23 November 2016

Nanobiosensors in Diagnostics

Invited talk at 2nd Annual Bioelectronics & Biosensors Congress

London, UK. 17 November 2016

Graphene-based platforms for (bio)sensing applications

Invited talk at Graphene & 2-D Materials Conference: From Research to Applications

London, UK. 16 November 2016

Paper-based nanobiosensors: simple biosensing platforms compatible with smart phones

Plenary lecture at Rapid Methods Europe, The RME Conference Series, 11th Conference Food, Feed, Water Analysis, Animal Human Diagnostics

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 08 November 2016

Nanobiosensors for diagnostics applications

Invited talk at Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling

. 03 November 2016

Paper-based biosensors for diagnostics

Invited talk at 2nd Microfluidics Congress

London, UK. 21 October 2016

Nanomaterial-based biosensors

Invited talk at First workshop on electrochemistry devices: (bio)sensors

Porto, Portugal. 13 October 2016