José Fran PhD Thesis Defence

Nanobiosensors for water contaminants detections

2019 BIST Ignite Project: MAKI

Real-time sensing of diagnostically-relevant biomarkers in urine for the monitoring of acute kidney injury

Interview at the public Albanian television

Talking about the science I have been doing since working at Tirana University to my postdoctoral research stays in Hungary, Greece, Italy, USA and finally in Barcelona, Spain. We spoke also about some problems Albanian…Read More

Transfrontier Meeting of Biosensors and Sensors

Congratulations to Ruslan for his fantastic talk at the «Transfrontier Meeting of Biosensors and Sensors» congress carried out on 20th September 2018 in Barcelona.

Micromotors made easy

Graphene-Based Bbiosensors: Going Simple

Magnetic Bead/Gold Nanoparticle Double-Labeled Primers for Electrochemical Detection of Isothermal Amplified Leishmania DNA

Luis Baptista-Pires, Carmen C. Mayorga-Martínez, Mariana Medina-Sanchez,Helena Montón and Arben Merkoçi A novel methodology for the isothermal amplification of Leishmania DNA using labeled primers combined with the advantages of magnetic purification/preconcentration and the use of gold…Read More

An optical sensor platform based on nanopaper

Nanopaper, made from cellulose like traditional paper, shows much lower surface roughness and much higher transparency than traditional paper. This is due to the nanoscale dimensions of the cellulose fibers (‘nanocellulose’) used for its production….Read More

In situ production of biofunctionalised few-layer defect-free microsheets of graphene Read more: In situ production of biofunctionalised few-layer defect-free microsheets of graphene

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ICREA Workshop on Graphene Nanobiosensors

ICN2 and ICREA are organizing Workshop on Graphene Nanobiosensors that will take place in Barcelona on May 25-26. Program and all necessery information can be found on event’s website: