Point of Care Diagnostics for rapid and cheap pathogen detection of companion animals – POC4PETS

Reference: 315653


Funded by: European Commission

Program: PF7-SME-2012-1

Official web site of the project: http://www.poc4pets-fp7.eu/default.aspx

Period: 01/09/2012 – 31/08/2014

Partners: Fundación Privada Institut Català de Nanotecnologia (ICN); Alma Mater Studiorum –Università di Bologna (Italy); Vetgenomics (Spain); Creation Medical Laser Srl (Italy); Skuldtech (France); Università degli Studi di Verona (Italy)


Veterinary diagnostics is a key tool in the prevention and control of infectious diseases in animals. POC4PETS aims at delivering an innovative set of technologies for sample preparation and enrichment for rapid point of care (POC) diagnosis of companion animals’ pathologies. For each of the selected animal species, POC4PETS focuses on emerging, endemic or zoonotic diseases, which are currently characterised by a lack of reliable diagnostic tools or that need improved diagnostics. The research activities aim at identifying the agents via different nucleic acid detection technologies: on site PCR, isothermal amplification and mini-array probing. POC4PETS products will contribute to reach the CAHP 2007-2013 objective of reducing the direct socio-economic effects of animal diseases, through the development of an innovative set of knowledge based solutions translated into diagnostic technologies. The research activities will be accompanied and followed by strong dissemination and exploitation actions carefully designed for EU member and third countries interested stakeholders and end-users, including veterinary practitioners and medical doctors in case of zoonoses. POC4PETS will provide the involved SMEs with new tools and effective detection systems characterised by the potential of a high market acceptance that will enhance their competitiveness. The POC4PETS consortium involves 3 multidisciplinary RTD performers with expertise in virology, microbiology, parassitology, chemistry and molecular biology and 3 SMEs involved in veterinary diagnostics manufacturing, laser technology and veterinary services.