Nanoparticle-based Sensors for Detection of Chemical and Biological Threats

Reference: SfP 983807

Funded by: NATO


Period: 22/10/2010 – 22/06/2013

Partners: Fundació Privada Institut Català de Nanotecnologia, The Hebrew University (Israel), University California San Diego (USA)


The objective of the proposed project is the development of electrochemical/optical nanoparticlebased sensing platforms capable of detecting biological and/or chemical warfare agents. The development of highly sensitive and field deployable electrochemical/optical devices capable of sensing biological and/or chemical (i.e. explosives and toxins) targets would greatly aid the war on terror by providing a means of fast and accurate detection of warfare agents. The research will also enable advancements in autonomous detection of multiple targets which may be useful for monitoring production facilities, transportation systems and high-profile public buildings.