NANOmaterials for Highly on-off Electroswitchable Recognitions capabilities with Outstanding ElectrobioSensing applications – NANOHEROES

Reference: MAT2011-25870

Funded by: MINECO

Program: Plan Nacional de I + D + i (2008-2011)

Period: 01/01/2012 – 31/12/2014

Partners: Fundación Privada Institut Català de Nanotecnologia (ICN)


Biosensor technology is nowadays experiencing a real revolution due to the fast discovery of various kinds of receptors, materials, multiplexing and detection strategies. However this progress is facing obstacles due to the low concentration of the species to be detected (i.e. protein in blood) and with regard to the complex matrix. The aim of NANOHEROES is to apply progresses in nanotechnology, nanomaterials and nanoelectrochemical instrumentation to the development of novel fully integrated biosensing platforms able to perform multicoding detection of analytes at the ultrasensitive level allowing real sample analysis for point of care tests and other applications. In particular, we aim at overcoming a major problem encountered by the biosensors technology: no satisfactory solution currently exists to bridge the several orders of magnitude difference between the nanoscale volumes at which ultrasensitive new generation sensors operate, and the often millilitre volumes of samples in which the molecules of interest must be found. Nanomotors will bridge the analyte from the bulk of the sample with the sensing surface. NANOHEROES shall combine innovations in pre-concentration, micro- and nanomaterials, micro- and nanofabrication, electrodetection including on-off electroswitching and recognition abilities of various materials. The project will open the way to develop simple, multipurpose platform of compatible enabling technologies, and integrate them into user friendly and cost effective devices. In order to maximize impact and societal benefit, NANOHEROES will be focused also on proof of concept applications of major interest for health such as cancer cell and protein biomarker detection with interest for early diagnostics and prevention including a theranostic model.