Integrated smart cost and effective nanodiagnostics (INCOSTNANO)

Reference: MAT2017-87202-P

Funded by: MINECO (Spanish Government)

Period: 01/01/2018 – 31/12/2021


Fundació Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia.



In the last years the development of new biosensors has increased significantly, especially in diagnostics, since it has been shown that an early diagnosis can change dramatically the development of a disease. In particular, in places with less resources, extreme conditions, but also wherever an emergency for fast detection or point of care (POC) applications biosensors could be extremely useful for health or environment and food quality monitoring. Unfortunately, the cost of biosensors and the lack of equipped centers and trained people are probably the hardest obstacles to the diffusion of adequate biosensors in these regions. Given the high request for the development of point of care devices INCOSTNANO aims to develop highly integrated and cost/efficient paper-sensors that integrate the sensing components including receptors (antibodies, aptamers, DNA) and nanomaterials (nanoparticles and graphene related materials as signalling tools). INCOSTNANO will be focused in the design, fabrication and application of several innovative and advantageous sensing platforms that will be easy modulated according to applications. The proposed modular sensing platforms, easy to be coupled with a smartphone will be: i) Graphene-based multidetection system for fast screening of cancer biomarkers through simple visualization or using a smartphone; II) Contaminants (pesticides) detection using paper/bioluminescent -based sensor; III) Proteins preconcentration and detection using a hybrid electrophoresis /lateral flow platform; IV) In-paper DNA amplification and detection; V) Laser-induced conductive surface & electrodes and in-situ graphene-related materials production as signalling tools.