Graphene Flagship Core 3

Reference: 785219

Funded by: European Commission

Period: 01/04/2020 – 31/03/2023






Partners: Coordinated by CHALMERS TEKNISKA HOEGSKOLA AB (Sweeden) and with the participation of 177 partners.

The Graphene Flagship is a Future and Emerging Technology Flagship by the European Commission.

With a budget of €1 billion, the Graphene Flagship represents a new form of joint, coordinated research on an unprecedented scale, forming Europe’s biggest ever research initiative.

The Graphene Flagship is tasked with bringing together academic and industrial researchers to take graphene from the realm of academic laboratories into European society in the space of 10 years, thus generating economic growth, new jobs, and new opportunities.

The selected new partners will be incorporated in the scientific and technological Work Packages of the third Core Project under the Horizon 2020 phase of the Graphene Flagship that will run during 1 April 2020 – 31 March 2023. The addition of new partners to the Graphene Flagship consortium is subject to the approval of the required contract amendment by the Graphene Flagship General Assembly and, at a later stage, the European Commission.

Currently, NB2 group (ICN2) is involved in the work package 6 (WP6).