Simple on-plastic/paper inkjet-printed solid- state Ag/AgCl pseudo-reference electrode

Everson T. S. G. da Silva , Sandrine Miserere , Lauro T. Kubota , and Arben Merkoçi  . Analytical Chemistry. 86 (21), pp 10531–10534. 2014.

A miniaturized, disposable and low cost Ag/AgCl pseudo-reference electrode based on inkjet printing has been developed. Silver ink was printed and chlorinated with bleach solution. The reference electrodes obtained in this work showed a good reproducibility and stability during at least 30 minutes continuous measurement and even after 30 days stored without specials carefulness. Moreover, the strategy used in this work can be useful for large scale production of solid-state Ag/AgCl pseudo-reference electrode with different designs and sizes, facilitating the coupling with different electrical/electrochemical micro-sensors and biosensors.