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First workshops on NanoBiosensors for Water Monitoring

From 24th to 26th of March the first training on Nanobiosensors for Water Monitoring was organised in ICN2 by our group in collaboration with Microbia Environnement and some special guests from AWI, Fraunhofer and GWENT….Read More

Alex is leaving for a short time!!

Alejandro Chamorro (AKA: Alex or Chamo), PhD student in the group is going for a short stay at University of California in Santa Barbara. He will join the group of Prof. Plaxco: for a…Read More

Michaela’s farewell party!

After 2 months with us Michaela has to go back to Czech republic. It has been a pleasure to meet you once again. We wish you the best!  

New visitor from Taiwan!!

We are pleased to welcome  Dun Wei Cheng from Taiwan. He will be with us as visiting PhD student for two months. We wish him a very pleasant and nice stay!.

19th Transfrontier Meeting of Sensors and Biosensors

This 19th edition of Transfrontier Meeting of Sensors and Biosensors (TMSB-2014) will bring together researchers from the Euroregion between France and Spain (Catalonia, Languedoc-Roussillon, Midi-Pyreénées) and surroundings areas with the objective to show the latest…Read More

Article in Recercat about a published work of the group!

        Recercat Magazine in number 97 talks about an article of published work of the group. To read the article:

International Symposium on Diamond Electrochemistry

              Prof. ICREA Arben Merkoçi has taken part as invited speaker in the «International Symposium on Diamond Electrochemistry» in Keio University, Yokohama, Japan. 18th and 19th March of 2014….Read More

34th Summer School of Chemistry in Brazil!

Prof. Merkoçi lectured during the week from 17th to 21st of February 2014 a course on Biosensors using Nanomaterials at the 34th Summer School of Chemistry at University of Sao Carlos, Brazil.   See the…Read More

New visitor Student from Morocco!!

Loubna EL HARRAD has recently joined us. She comes from «Faculté des Sciences et Techniques» in «Université Hassan II – Mohammedia». Lubna is work mate and good friend of Jihane Mandli a former visitor who…Read More

Our group is involved in a new EU project!

Our group is involved in a new EU project:                                                    …Read More